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MEMORANDUM - The end of the blog by Francisco Miguel Sousa


1.1. Start being yourself
‎"Before try to change the world, change yourself". The things you felt so far is it was just your perspective, not the anyone else perspective. In fact, even you would have a twin, this twin would never understand your own way of looking the things. So start being yourself, because you know what you have passed until today.

1.2 Look your life as a challenge
Life should be your favourite game. With your only 1 credit, nothing else can challenge you more than life. So live it as a challenge.

1.3 Fight for your happiness
Success is your destination and happiness your whole travel. So stick to your goals with action, responsibility, passion & ambition and do not be afraid of the unexpected, because "Uncertainty & expectation are the joys of life".
When goals and then ideas are coming to your mind, enemies will comes after it. So if you are clear about your goals, fight for it, fight for your happiness, you deserve it!!!
You should be strict to get your reasonable ethical goals and threat your barriers to get your goals with respect. Separate your barriers from the issues that comes in consequence. Kill these issues, your barriers got weakly after it.

1.4 Live. Search for your best sensations
A picture value is not measured by how the figures or colours are combined, but by the sensation it creates to who is seeing them. Life is the same thing.

1.5 Take care of your future
Your present is always unique. If one day you will be at the same place with same people doing the same things as you did before, the moment will be never the same.
Life is like a travel, you can't repeat anything. Everything is always different and in constant change.
So do not live for today, live for a better today everyday.
When you will sleep and think "It was a great day", then at this day you will feel that you did a great job. The words "if" and "I" together should be always followed by the word "will" and not "would". We must focus on our future decisions, otherwise we are just wasting our time.

When it comes to past, present & future we can't have all at the same time, one has to be selected to go away and future can never be this selected one. Leaving our future is leaving our life. "The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time". Threat well your future. If you don't educate our next generations' excellence, integrity and commitment to life your society will never step forward...

1.6 Release yourself
After your wrong decisions just smile, learn and try to improve your actions for the next time.
Do not impersonate any problem. I know is difficult, everyone is always doing it.
Instead of impersonating the problem, try to separate the problem from the people, personate the solution and transform it in action with all your efforts you have!
Looking back, sometimes when you think about failing, you just want to blame hardly yourself. But easily you should go rationally and conclude: "I did my best".
For better future, you have to feel that you are doing your maximum now. Are you? Yes. If not, you are loosing every day, minute, second to get your goals well reflect and thought.
Transforming my dreams to vision and vision to reality... Keep walking, on the walk of life...
In order to have things you never had, try to do thing you never done. Do not expect that luck will help you. Sometimes can not come. So do not be dependent from luck, be dependent from yourself and your results. If you don't have any result, you should feel that you are loosing it. You should feel since the very beginning you wrote down the goals.
Don't believe in luck, it doesn't exist. Lucky nothing more than an mental success probability that almost randomly happened. Almost, because you did the right step to get this success, you took a first step to achieve it. To increase your success probability, be at the right place in the right time, it never knows what can happen.

1.7 In the end you are the one to decide
Decision depends from you, nobody else. Do not let external evaluations limiting your life, take them in consideration to be free to decide.
Feed backs are always coming and going, are welcomed and needed to decide but filter them.
Experience from the others are important and relevant, can touch you deeply, however the last voice of your own decision to say A or B is from you.
But you are the last one who owns your life. In the end you are the one that decides.

2. Look at your past with peace
2.1 Breathe
The closest thing to crazy is to not breathe.
No one should die before go to the desert and take a deep reflection. To breathe and once in a while it saves us from our stress. "Sometimes you have to forget what you want to remember what you deserve" and reflection gives you that. And then you realize that what you have is exactly what you wanted...

2.2 Your present is a consequence of your past
You are not perfect. Deal with it. Being yourself is working hardly to provide others a better/fair life and the impact/success of this work is your perfect happiness. But you can't be perfect.
If you are a looser, is your fault! Fix it and be a winner. Is that hard to think like that?

2.3 Open your alternatives
360 degrees view is always important. If we feel limited, we need to fly and look over it.
In other way, open alternatives are always happening and provide you more capability to choose. More alternatives you have, happier you are on your chosen travel.
Find inside yourself the right solution to feel free.
Open your ways but choose one and take a risk in which one is the most difficult to find in your live. Do not stay stopped, it never comes to anywhere.
Take the best shot and do not forget to live your travel, better then arrive is living the own travel... who usually fear change, will never be happy. Enjoy and take risks on your every little second.

2.4 Decide and Be Responsible from your acts
Life if full of choices. So, when I have multiple choices and I have to decide, I always choose the option that I most difficult would find again in my life. Opportunities matters. Decisions brings responsibility. You are the responsible for everything around you.
You should never blame others from their own decisions or non-decisions.
If we believe that we are not responsible for everything in this world, we are totally wrong. There is always something that we can do to achieve what we want. If something happened from other part even in the other side of the planet, you should consider as your fault, because only in this way you can try something to change it.
Even a word or an act, if you decide to not do it, is your fault. Never from government, State, companies, institutions or even other people. Is your. Only in that way, you can move forward and try to change.
Act, act, act. Doesn't matter if you are on the 1st or 2nd class. If your plane crash, you disappear anyway.

2.5 Luck doesn't exist
My friends, luck doesn't exist at all. Luck is an ilusion concept that Human beings have created to not face the reality. The reality that happened in consequence of inumerous factors. More factors you control higher probability you will have to get your goals.

3. Change your habits
Your actions drives you to what you need. If an habit is a constant term to describe several actions, create positive and strong habits to believe in your thoughts, to respond to your needs and achieve your goals.

3.1 LEARN. Keep learning
To be perfect we need should changing constantly.
Learning, in fact, is a Human being innovation. Basically the education is the Human Being innovation. To learn is to innovate. So, do not loose the road, keep on track and be open to learn. Be open to what life is giving you and learn from it, release yourself.

3.1 ATTITUDE. Attitude is Everything
By facing a challenge, whatever you would say that is impossible or possible, you will be always right. I never met a successfully person without sweating to achieve something. And always starts with the right attitude, the winning attitude.
Our destiny depends on our attitude. It's all about attitude. You may not control your destiny, but you control your soul and efforts to achieve. Are you destined to be or determined to be? It's up you...
Sometimes life surprises you in your damn face and not doing anything is never a solution. When we don't do anything, we have a full list of things that we decided to not do instead. Some of them can be crucial. Keep it simple, look everything as in usual and constant change.
Any complain is useless. only is useful if we transform it into action and change what we feel that is wrong. Stop complain, act. Simple. Behind our actions, there is a decision already made from us and an opportunity cost associated. Opportunity cost based on full valued alternative options that we decided to not go through. If this opportunity cost is starting to be higher, think better on what a hell are you doing with your life.

3.2 CONTROL. Transform your trends in opportunities. Take the control
Be aware that people are not technology that you take the control. Technology make us faster, higher, stronger but will never substitute or change Human being feelings. But if you don't take control of something because someone, don't give up. Take over your life and not let your life take over you.
Do not hurry to achieve it, but never loose time and try to understand what is behind each move, each action of each person. What was the needs, the values, the principles, the interests and find a way to understand it and complete it. If you can't keep fight for it, only in this way you can take the control.

3.3 ENJOY. Life is life. We do not have other right? So Enjoy it!
Time is limited, it never goes back. Is definitely our precious thing.. Wasting time is totally wasting life. Take your time with your closest ones. Live for a better day everyday, you will never knows tomorrow.
If life is only one long travel, which you bought one way ticket since your first born cry second. Even you want to return, it never been the same look, same structure, same sensations. Sometimes better, sometimes worst, is always different.
In life travel, even you return, the own return is not allowed because it never been the same. Even you don't want, you are limited, and choosing your best way is truly important.
If your happiness is about choices or non choices, you need to have a multiple ways to get your own good destiny. Do not choose the one you like more or less, the one you are more passionate about or not. Choose what your heart is following, heart goes always right because goes to the most difficult option you can find in your live...
So, if is coming to a decision, you should not choose...
... what you like more.. or less ....
... what have feeling that is better for you.. or worst (even then you got wrong) ...
... just following your passions, talent, financial motivation or other reason...
... you SHOULD choose always the most difficult alternative that can find in your live, and fight for it.

3.4 LIVE THE REAL. Base your life in facts, not assumptions
"Assumptions" is a combination of (ass)&(umptions). If you don't know, do not assume. Base your life in fact or different and multiple scenarios instead. Through action and time, you will discover all facts one by one.

3.5 SOLVE. Solution oriented
In a specific problem, either we usually focus on the past negative things to excuse our fails, either we focus on the positive future things to solve them.
Do not personalize in yourself or in others your issues/problems, but the solutions to get over it.

3.6 PERSIST. Don't give up. Be persistent
Flashbacks always kills you, so stop think in the past, stop dreaming the future. Its time for your Action! You want, you do, you have. Is so simple like that! If you are persistent, in the future you will never regret on your actions. It was not your fault, you did your maximum. "Don't regret anything you do, 'cause in the end it makes you who you are" Life is not easy and as it is not possible to go back and start a new beginning, you can always start today and make a new ending.

4. The world is waiting for you

4.1 Laissez Faire mode.
Live with laissez fair mote. Live the flow and do not create any expectation.

4.2 Show your love to everyone.
"There is no better antidote to loneliness than communication."
You should threat the others with the same respect as you threat usually yourself. Respect with the same looking in the eyes as you look to the mirror. Even your hardest and strong enemy. Your hardest enemy is your best friend.
Great enemies are the ones that take your first little weakness as a chance to crash strongly you down. So, as in chess the best defence is your attack and the best attack is your defence, prevent yourself and eat all your enemies in your earlier breakfast. Always with ethic, conscience, transparency and morality.

4.3 Do not forget your intuition
"Usually we get what we anticipate." What usually we thing that can be, most of the times we are totally right.
Most of the decisions are based in facts and intuitions. So work your intuitive part, be concentrate in the whole details around you and ask yourself the reason to be there.

4.4 Filter the negative things and share your achievements
It may be cloudy, windy, rainy or snowy. However remember, that at this precise moment, above any cloud is always a wonderful sky waiting for you.
Be always positive and filter all negative parts around you.
If has to, change your environment to positive and able to turn it the most comfortable possible.

4.5 Keep building your confort zone but do not be dependent from it
Do not blame other ones to not live comfortable. Your comfort zone is a consequence of your acts, so build it and constantly change it according to your needs.

4.6 Love your closers
"Love is not measured by how many things we give to each other, or by how many things we are willing to do for each other, but by how much of our differences we are willing to accept. Loving means allowing each other to be imperfect, and even fail, accepting each other just in the same way".
If we are one world, the infinite universe is not enough to stop us. Love your closers. You never know when you will miss them, but I guarantee one day you will. So love them as you never will see them before. Be a plus in others lives and threat your closers with respect and love.
When you love someone think twice before any promise. When you have someone, think twice before any act.

4.7 Take your passion into action
Our passion and love move us to into the sky. However higher we fly, higher can be slide down. Is always a risk but passion provide us the whole efforts and ambition to achieve our goals... More we do, less the risk we take to not be successful. Higher the mountain, higher the challenge, higher the results!

4.8 You have limits? So break them
Even you are under a fog in the morning, you still be a shiny happy person. You love to wake in the morning and say: is going to be a great day! If you do your maximum, you will be always on track to heaven. But you are not God, sometimes you have to wait. Acting is living, but to wait until the right moment is a quality who only few have it.
When you wait you are managing your breathe, your silence. When silence speaks from us, everything is already said, we . Sound reach our hears, music reach our heads, silence reach our heart.

4.9 Health is the base of your happiness
Your health has to be renewed as soon as possible and should never being forgotten.

5.0 Prioritize

Be aware in your "required" things and separate them from your "nice to have".
A good friend always tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear."Do not prioritize them, if you are just their option." Do prioritize who really care honestly/deeply by listening/doing the enough to make you happy.

Francisco Miguel Sousa

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lesson from Bulgaria

Hi all,

I found a curiosity in Sofia. The National Bank has a little terrace known as "Suicide Terrace". The Terrace has this name because during the financial crisis, the directors of National Bank usually suicides from it.
In fact, in Portugal we don't have this terrace. So, where is our former National Bank Director? EUROPEAN Central Bank!
YEY, instead of suicide, we promote and send him in a package to European Union!!

Common, the portuguese chrisis is also a consequence of Government decisions... so... hum...
wait... where are our former Prime-Ministers?

Antonio Guterres - Former Portuguese Prime-Minister
United Nations - Main responsible for Refugees Commission

Durão Barroso - Former Portuguese Prime-Minister
President European Commission

José Socrates - Still don't know where to go... but we will send him away for sure...

Interesting no?

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Hi all,
I have seen this movie from Hungary in Budapest and was awesome.
Kontroll looks an alternative movie showing, by exaggeration, the homeless/metro checkers way of life. The best thing of this movie, is that provide us multiple interpretations.

Movie description: